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Спасибо деду за Победу. Павлычева Алина., 8А
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Alina Pavlycheva
April, 22, 2015
Dear friend,
Thank you for letter. How are you? I`m sorry I was busy to write you.
Soon in our country a great holiday the Victory Day will be passed. I want to tell you about the greatgreat-grandfather Josef.  Не passed all war and  met victory in Berlin. The greatgreat-grandfather got on war because it was late for work, and he had no choice. During all the war we haven’t got any messages from him and all members in our family thought that he wouldn’t return. But he returned healthy. My greatgreat-grandfather had many medals. Most of all I remembered «The award of the Great Patriotic War ». I`m proud of the greatgreat-grandfather.
Does your family celebrate this holiday?  Did you visit  any parades of a victory? Are there any veterans in your family?
Write me soon,

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